Title: ''Dance''

Size: 28 cm. X 45 cm.

Materials: Oil on canvas.

Category: Existential testimony.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
‘’The oracle of interior trembling or the Samba''
Feel or perceive...
are the means available to us as human mammals to assess the meaning and the consistence of our lives.
Identifying, defining, organizing and refining our perceptions appears to be one of the first tasks to which every child of the race should focus on.
Recognizing that of all the music that solicited my ears some touched me more deeply ... (Like a vibration in the body, a shivering in the chest, an obvious response of the solar plexus), I wanted to further define this kind of music that touched me so much without however being a known sentimental tie but a new kind of physical connection with a particular kind of noise.
It is in this process of definition that I slowly retraced those instruments that I had seen and heard so far and seemed to be used to produce a spell. The Indian music of our region produces the same charm but accessing it was difficult for me. It is finally in the South American rhythms of the Samba that I found the most accessibility in my environment at that time in regard to this aspect of the rhythm of the spell that I was discovering. It is with the Peruvian flute that I later identify the vibration of the sound.