selling paintings
has no meaning for me
even less in my Work .
I’ll publish books which will contain them,
films that will lodge them,
and I will write and sing.
None of my paintings
can be situated alone,
because they are not
works of art, and because I do not do
works of Art.
They are a story,
with an unfolding,
the unfolding of days, the time of our days
Through the eyes of a human being
In the perception of
a human female
situated in the time of days.

If my works are so polished,
it’s that my relationships with people,
even those that produce the most awkward failures
are very, very polished.
Each movement,
each momentum,
commands my full attention.

Monique Jarry

***** (Text: 1974, photo: 1964 at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Montreal)