Title: ''The creation of the world.''

Size: 61 cm. X 59 cm.

Materials: ink, wash, metal powder, varnish, parchment Japanese paper.

Category: Conceptogram.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''1-2 - Then when came the time for the first meal, it is then that we noticed that the garden of the gods was a true Earth of BABEL . 3 - Some rushed in foursomes towards the same fruit tree, while another group was trampling its self at the foot of the wine-source. 4 – and then, the god of wisdom saw that He had to assigned to each a task and his powers, and even created the lighted-heaven. 5 - and thus was born the society of the Gods. 6 - There was evening and there was morning, there was morning. There was evening and there was morning. 7 - but then, in the garden near the house of the gods, there was soon no good fruit to eat. Dismayed the gods, consulted together in their gaze; watching each other and ready to send one off to look good and heavy fruits. 9 - The Sun-god soon felt wrath breaking out between the gods. 10a - So, so, so! He quickly sent the bees to order the good-mother-of-sky to create man that we could also be called: The manservant of the gods. 10b - So that’s how He put an ended to the confusion of the gods. 10c - thus causing the birth of men.'')
Can we eternally confuse change and evolution and simply content ourselves by eliminating the problems of our time by our hand by passing them from one to another or by giving them a new makeup.
If I am evolving in a way that does not interest certain people, this may well not bother me: but my own quest interests me and I do not necessarily have time to amuse myself with the concerns of ‘’those peoples'' ''.
(1985) - First elaboration of the ''critical point of view '' with an allegory.