No.: 1967 - 015

Title: ''The arrival of a Martian on Earth or the psychosis of the unknown,
irrepressible anxiety of an entire civilization.''

Size: 121 cm. X 89 cm.

Materials: Gouache, wax, hair, dye, metal powder, residual dust, varnish, acrylic, on masonite.

Category: Conceptogram.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (Monique conveyed this to me about this painting: -''I was putting the finishing touches on my canvas, ''The arrival of an alien'' or rather renamed ''Ste-Claire and the Wolf,'' my friends attended and talked among themselves while watching what I was doing. They commented on my picture saying that I wasted it with that background, that the background that I had done was ugly. As for me, I barely could hear them. The last stroke given, I stepped back and look at my canvas and for the first time I had the certainty that I was really an artist.'')

(1992) Title: ''Claire and my brother the wolf.''
Recalling the friendship between St. Claire and St. Francis of Assisi.