Title: ''My anxiety or the world tips over when one of the pictures block’s the screen to the detriment of others.''

Size: 75 cm. X 101 cm.

Materials: Gouache, acrylic, ink, varnish, cardboard on masonite.

Category: Exorcist.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''The wicked arrogantly said: He does not punish "There is no God" Psalm 10, 4.'')
(Message: be careful of the excesses that subjective free researches like mine make.)
(1985) – This ''card of my home-tarot’’ was created long ago about a subject that seemed to me at the time to be at the ‘’outskirts’’ in relation to the essential (''My mother'' compared to my real life) but TODAY its theme concerns something that is definitely IN MY LIFE.
It is my painting that addresses ‘‘what is really happening''.