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In addition to Monique’s pictorial works that you can see in albums 1 and 2; I now propose to you writings about art and the artist that she has committed on paper during her life. These texts, thoughts, reflections, comments, etc... that are sometimes theoretical, philosophical, poetic or personal where taken from her ‘’complete biography’’.


Let me explain briefly the structure of her complete biography which is not included in this site. There is a ‘’biographical contribution’’ to start, then an ‘’entry from her C. V.’’ then follows a set of texts pertaining to that particular year and this, year after year (1947 to 2005). These three categories (Bio-CV-Texts) make it so that her complete biography is some 2,800 pages long.


The title of this work is: ''Monique Jarry's biography or the diary/novel.''


To conclude this brief presentation, I must tell you that Monique was a '’’whole person’’ and that she did not live by ''compartments''. So, the following texts and extracts are those that relate as closely as possible to art and the artist without ''eliminating'' all that she has written throughout her life. It is obvious after reading all the topics covered by Monique, whether it is relations man - woman, sociological aspects of our world, human feelings, etc., that they have all been processed through the eyes of an artist and particularly in light of an artist that prioritizes knowledge of self  and of the world and the true quality of communication generated by it.


Last note: All my interventions in the texts are always preceded by five asterisks ***** and brackets (). All other punctuation belongs to the original text itself. Again, everything is in chronological order in order to be able to see the evolution of her journey and her thoughts through the years and also to ensure that there is no ''confusion'' over the interpretation or conclusions that ''contradiction'' in her opinions may cause. That is to say that what seems to be apparent contradictions in certain of her texts may be the result of them being spaced by several years and is therefore the result of the evolution of her thinking.


P. S. I added page numbers to this long series of text to make it easier for you to follow. The page numbers will be in bold characters, i.e. PAGE 1, PAGE 2, etc.  Any other page number is part of her text.


Also, the totality of  the texts is divided into 11 images.


Example: Image number img131 goes from page 1 to page 40.


                Image number 1967-075 goes from page 41 to page 80.




Just follow the order of the images to go from page 1 to page 404.






                                                                                              Robert Stanton.