Title: ''The hermaphrodite or simplification of human relationships.''

Size: 44.5 cm. X 58.5 cm.

Materials: Ink, residual dust, on matte paper.

Category: Analytical objectifying reflection or re-conditioner.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
(Or my first husband and my first lover.)
What to do between these two offers of marriage where one from a certain definition of women, mistreat you, given the definition of man that he gives him himself.
While the other from, an identical definition of woman, cherishes you, given the definition of man that he gives himself WHEN anyway this particular definition of women does not correspond to the way you define yourself as a woman.
Become a hermaphrodite and forget the whole story?
(In terms of current social problems.)
(1985) - Just before the hermaphrodite: the age of innocence (16 to 19, a freedom (?) that we chose for ourselves (we did not learn), antecedents (patterns) that influence all our choices.