Title: ''The dream or for understanding the medias: at least open your eyes.''

Size: 71 cm. X 50 cm.

Materials: Enamel, acrylic, collage, ink, varnish, cardboard glued on masonite.

Category: Corollary.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
(Or the look of the new costumes of our archetypes.)
(The supremacy of the different forms of the tonal.)
(1985) - July 20, 1969 the L. E. M. on the moon, I watched it that sunny afternoon in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac on the ‘’television.'' WHILE LOOKING WITH EMOTION at the painting that I made that was against the wall beside, painting created from a ''simulation'' of the L. E. M ... that day it was true and it was on the moon itself.