Title: ‘’Conflict and disappointment''

Size: 31 cm. X 48 cm.

Materials: Ink on white paper and wash.

Category: Analytical objectifying reflection or re-conditioner.

Note: (Adjoining the white patch in the middle - up – of the black hand we can see through the black ink that the paper is torn on its surface.)

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas five times: ''It's not worth it.'')
I learned a long time ago that we must begin to speak for the adult world to cry out: ''Our child speaks! We will have to teach him words ....''
I mean by that that we are never given the means, the resources, the knowledge, the information and the technology that would permit us to really enjoy life ourselves and the environment. We are givens a language to identify reality that is in fact only a ''method'' to construct a certain reality – without regard for ... blah blah ... that I already knew but it was still a surprised to notice (at about age 10?) how much effort the world around me could muster up for the sole purpose of dirtying my life ... it rather disgust me... in fact I liked it better, before the disaster of ‘’contemporary thinking'', I prefer for a time to close to the door of my heart despite the cost to my spontaneous nature, on my pain and disgust, like on my hopes by saying to the ''good people'' that are sometimes touched by the inner torture of children, that it could still go, that it was not worth it, not WORTH IT... It's IN the furnace of my hopes and my rebellion that I wanted to prepare myself to fly away beyond myself into a magisterial relaxation...