Title: ''And the child leaves his parents.''

Size: 29.5 cm. X 39 cm.

Materials: Ink, dye, residual debris, on matte paper.

Category: Organigram-condenser.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''Taking me by the hand to lead me into his garden, my lover said to me one day ... I was a child with a pale and glossy look, for the good, to understand him well, I had to look up. My little hand was lost in his big and hard hand. One day my lover said to me: ''Never be the lover but the mistress of your friend ...'' Never be, never be, never be ... They were course words like stones, that were squeezing them selves at the heart of my mind like seeds in the centre of a fleshy fruit. I escaped from his big hand and I ran between his legs, and I ran between the trees and I ran between the flowers ... I ran, I ran so mush not to hear, not to remember, but the words were there, like seeds, hard and black. I rolled in the grass with all my friends, tightly against their chests, wishing above all to be their lover. I dug with all my being, my fingers into the earth and then I got up straight and quivering, the mud was still wet and hot on my back, fingers shivering and grasping in the brooks, it was my domain. But my lover was wise, I wanted to be his little one, but he knew that his large hand would crush my little hand confident and hopelessly pure. He had warned me, caution me: Never be the friend but the mistress. It's the fault of the seeds that do not leave the fruit before you slice them.'')
***** (In small beneath the drawing of the girl, it is written: ''My sister is dying because she refused to breathe.'')
He who speaks freely with himself knows that in a process of maturation, the process is carried out in parallel on different levels. The experimenter’s plan follows the requirements other than the observer and vice versa and even of each other, it is not because they are unaware of each other (youth marriages, even better that their parents that know very well that their oaths are not for life and yet necessary ... so why bawled them out...)