Title: ''The miserable Holocaust or genocide transferred from one generation
to the other, III.''(Set of four paintings)

Size: 37 cm. X 56 cm.

Materials: Lettraset, collage, stencil, gouache, acrylic, ink, varnish, cardboard glued on masonite.

Category: Analytical objectifying reflection or re-conditioner.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''1967. Campus female. Wants a ''meaningful relationship'' with Brewmaster. The Man child fiction? Criétude (creation) by carelessness.'')
***** (1967 is the year of the birth of her daughter, Cybèle. Monique's parents (especially her father), completely disassociated themselves from her and the child. This quatriptique, 030, 035, 040 and 045 is the testimony of her relationship with her father and the society of the time.)