Title: ‘’The centaur or the indecent youth, but strong against the arranged order, but

Size: 63 cm. X 98 cm.

Materials: Ink, metal powder, aging, parchment Japanese paper.

Category: Conceptogram.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''I ran so fast sometimes that I could not stop. I love, I love (repeats). Obviously Columbus’s egg was in flower. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh. If I cannot love you today I will love you TOMORROW.'')
(Or metabolism of life.)
(1985) - The age of human relations (20 - 21), whimsical reflections on the problem of gender, love said to be ideal, my participation in human relationships as a woman, the power and responsibility of a young man (the centaur) (active youth figure of a young man???
(1992) Title: ''The initiation.''
Model for an environmental performance, including dance.
The centaur, with other teenagers dancing in an important sequence passing the celestial body from one to the other, an initiatory symbol of the handing over of powers and entering the adult world.