No.: 1970 - 050 - 055

Title: ‘’Mandala 1.''

Size: 40 cm. diameter.

Materials: Oil resin based objects.

Category: Exorcist.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
‘’This research of brightness and transparency that already haunted my youth when I was trying to ''manufacture'' colours that DID NOT CHANGE by mixing pigments with varnish, egg whites and anything that is found in a house, was nearly my Waterloo ...

Resin and plastic!

I started with opaque urethanes opaque like a galaxy without sun around 1968...:
Moulding of ‘’men’’ in the open air with a density – 2 pounds
''cakes'' decorated and moulded to be resistant with density – 6 pounds

... I came to something around 1972, it was bright, clear, but I still had to pour on an opaque picture, covering it ... then in 1973, a finding.
55. 56. 57. a mural created for the G. P. S furniture company, furniture made of altuglas, Paris France. The mural was to be incorporated into a moulded aquarium without metal frame support. 16''
Chemical recipe? – State Secret!!! Nothing is yet perfect for the Quebec climate, it still cracks at - 30 degrees.''

***** (Note: I am inserting here a comment by Monique on ‘’resins’’ this comment is valid for any other ‘’canvas'' where in the materials she mentions ''resin'','' polymer'', ''altuglas'', etc..)

***** (Note: It is the search for light and transparency that led Monique to stained glass in 1979. She said: -''Before arriving at ‘’La Maison de Verre’’ ( 1979, stained glass studio), I lingered thoughtfully from time to time in front of shop windows exhibiting works in stained glass.
When I saw your work (my partner and I) that it ''flashed'': your welding was very refined and you had the professionalism that was lacking in what I had seen up to now. What I saw was lacking the finished quality, a bit coarse, not very aesthetic as an end result, then seeing your work, I saw that there was something beautiful to do with stained glass.''