No.: 1971 - 060 - 060A - 060B - 060C - 060D - 060E

Title: ''The advent of the first bird-woman.''

Size: 91 cm. X 183 cm.

Materials: Acrylic, gouache, ink, collage, glass powder, residual debris, varnish on canvas.

Category: Corollary.

Note: No

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''Be, or not failure 3 - 0, one more moment.'')
(First encounter with the bird-woman or ''Be or not’’.)
(1973) - I've really understood the meaning only this winter, when I regrouped myself. It was really a girl smashing the canvas, a girl six feet tall who was pounding over cities, packs of cigarettes, men, stories of love, it was even marked at the bottom:'' Be or not failure 3 - 0, one more moment.'' Those words came to me spontaneously, I did not even know what they meant at the time, but I have revised theme this winter, it gave me a shock to realise that Art precedes consciousness. That’s really true.
(1985) - I can not wait anymore for the normal evolution of things and too bad for the aesthetics’’ if I can not find the door, it only remains for me to break down the door'' and thus was born the first bird-woman of my life, whew! It was a matter of life or death...
(1990) ***** (Excerpt from a letter, Bio., P. 2619.)
‘’The Christianized torn, embodied by a woman with a divided heart, the two halves expel each other ... I do not really see
how Christianity would be best symbolized by
a flock of men and women.''
‘’Art is a vision that expresses its self by symbols.''
''... These pictures have been submitted to you to see if you could commit
yourselves to a Church on the move symbolized by a woman
rather than a man and furthermore, a woman represented with her natural attributes
that is to say with breast in an interpretation where garments
takes as little space as possible.''
''Wee can hardly be standing, marching within the secular community more
than my vision exposes.''
(1992) Title: ‘’Theological virtues.''
Faith: luggage around one's waist, a fish symbol of the Creed of the early Christians.
Hope, in an anonymous world, of performance and consumption, humans seek and thirst for love and meaning, without knowing the subject.
Charity: tears us apart and our heart is divided.
The bird above the head of the figure is the symbol of divine protection (Apocalypse).''

***** (The polyurethane sculpture was completed in 1973. There is no text on it and it no longer exists. But in this 1973 photo it seems that Monique wanted to associate them in some way (The bird-woman and the sculpture). I cannot say more; unfortunately I never had a conversation about this with her. (Sic)...