Title: ''Adam and Eve or couldn’t the beast of science by the beast of love.''

Size: 20.5 cm. X 26.5 cm.

Materials: Lead drawing on matte paper.

Category: Conceptogram.

Notes: (The lower eye lashes of the left eye (right) of the girl were dug in
the paper by the sheath of the lead pencil.)

Comments and / or explanation:
Reflection about Adam and Eve and the serpent which appears to me to be the story of love and the snake that surrounds her like a heart.
I know nothing of these things of love, or snakes, but I feel that I could be that girl and I liked the man and the snake would be my friend AND his.
I know nothing about snakes, but there is no mistaking: it surrounds her like a heart.
It raises the whole problem of penetrating intelligence as a particular state of ability to understand (''intellectual thought'').
This ability will never reach as high an acuity except when the energy forces of consciousness are catalysed by love.
The concept of ''misconduct'' that history (as well as school tries to teach me, these accounts of directivo critique of reality), generally attached to certain acts of this man and woman are Of course another expression of taboos that tend to limit the development of human consciousness.