Title: The ''trap''

Size: 29 cm. X 38.5 cm.

Materials: ink on matte textured paper.

Category: Conceptogram.

Note: (fold in the sheet, the index and middle finger in the upper right corner.)

Comments and / or explanation:
***** (It is written on the canvas: ''GOD! Above all, do not stop thinking about us, do not stop ... Our children have rings under their eyes that and their fingers hurt. WHY?’’)
The trap (or that sensitivity that can permit us to ''see'' and appreciate
also gives to the environment its grip and its influence on us.)
We are always more or less what we believe…
We try as we may not to voluntarily engage in certain aspects of life to the measure were the circumstances still make them ‘’our physical and social environment'', these aspects of life that impregnate us to a certain extent can sometimes be difficult to control (for a child at least) and mark us...
Faced with the need for affection, sharing and understanding it is sometimes difficult to content ourselves with knowing and understanding the causes of these deficiencies ... in the dance of facts, of ideas, of will and needs only the exceeded moaning voice rises in the night to ask why ... (to whom?) ...