‘’… when you decide at age 5 that
you want to change the world, your parents
do not cry ''Ho! George, look! The little one has the soul of an artist,
we must not break his fine temperament.
No question of sending him to school and their
levelling mould like his little brothers ... etc. ...''
So now you go into the
wide world by first passing through the
great levelling. If you have no talent and not very much guts
things will be ok,
but if your guts are full, then things
begins to turn square, home,
school in the neighbourhood, at the job, in
love, everywhere. (You are well paid
to understand what I mean!)
Or it’s because you are fucked up (ha!
ha! ha!)

* Or, or, or it’s because that you’ve got a little something
special in your heart! ! !

Seen from the outside, having something in your heart
always gives you an ambiguous look
early in life,
a sort of sickly look, of rage, of rebellion
at the begins of life because ...
we don’t exactly know what we’ve got !
Is it a diamond that we have on the
heart ?
Is this a cancer that we have there?
How do we know before having
tested it (you people here are ''testers'')

I can not say that all delinquents are artists,
but certainly, all true artists are delinquents.

***** (Text: 1973 Photo: 1960)